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Marketing services for hotels



This specialized marketing model helps companies that rely primarily on customer referrals to maintain a more productive business while supporting future growth and expansion efforts. We bring to the table:

Field representatives who are trained on each service offering to secure and qualify customer leads and referrals directly for the client.

Quality leads while building brand awareness through direct interaction with the consumer.

An effective counter to the restrictions placed on referral-based businesses due to the national "Do Not Call" list by meeting prospective customers face-to-face.

Field representatives who promote client services directly to consumers through door-to-door and retail program initiatives, including:


Our professional field representatives canvass the general public - both at home and the workplace - engaging your prospective customers in a positive conversation about your business. We bring to the table:

A direct-to-consumer service that generates rapid new customer traffic.

Professionally-trained, full-time representatives reaching consumers at work and at home.

Representatives that can cover a single neighborhood or an entire metropolitan area.

A full-time network that maximizes the impact of the promotion.

Daily meetings with local leadership ensuring: Quality of representation; Understanding of solicitation regulations; Up-to-date product and field information; and Compliance with the Direct Selling Association Code of Ethics.



We're experts in Direct Marketing Programs that generate positive word-of-mouth direct for your brand and bring in new customers. "Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd." has a vested interest in treating your customers as if they were our own, enhancing your brand as we increase your sales.

Positive Image: Promoting - and protecting - your business's image and integrity is a mutual objective that is paramount to our shared success.

Quality Perception: We present your brand via high-quality, full-color, professionally produced collateral that is customized for you and produced to your specifications.

You're In Control: You approve all collateral to ensure integration with your overall communications plan. Even after we initiate the program, you can regulate its impact over time to better manage new customer traffic flow.


WE BUILD LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS IN "Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd." As an established consumer brand in business for nearly 6 years, “Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd.” has served as a valued marketing partner to a variety of business categories - from major hotels, resorts and clubs.

Committed Customers: Our customers make an investment in your brand before they even step through your door. The design of our program gives you not only one - but up to a dozen - chances to make them a customer for life!

We Know Your Customers: Inviting customers into "Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd." gives us the chance to build an ongoing relationship with each of them. We work hard to ensure they continue to keep you top-of-mind when they make their everyday choices or plan special events.

Leverage: We've invested over 6 years in creating "Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd." community so that business partners like you can leverage the power of Direct Marketing. Our members are rewarded for referring new customers to you. In most cases, our members will also become your customers.

CAREER THROUGH "Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd." / BASE CAREER :


With the powerful influence of "Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd." working for your business, customers in your community marketplace can enjoy more of the brands and activities that are important to them. And they'll come to your business through a personal invitation from someone they trust. There's no smarter way to build a brand image and customer base within your community. Join "Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd." and.

Harness the power of Direct Marketing

Reach customers face-to-face through our community marketing network

Build your brand and your sales

Build long term customer relationships in "Leisure promotion Pvt. Ltd."

Never open your checkbook - 100% self-funded.

Royal Orchid, Masoorie
Golden Tulip, Goa
Hotel Piccadilli, Manali
Landmark Hotel, Ratnagiri
Hotel Surya Palace, Vadodra
Hotel Midtown, Hisar
The Piccadily, Lucknow
Surya hotel, Varanasi
Hotel The Perl, Chandigarh
Export Hotel, Hyderabad
Charnock Hotel, Burdwan
President Hotel, Mysore
Hotel Mandakini Ambience, Pune
The Legend Inn, Nagpur
Pearl Hotel, Alwar
Hotel Solitaire Grand, Sirsa
Narayan Niwas, Jaisalmer
Indraprastha Resort, Dalhousi
Ilbert Manor Resort, Mussoorie
Hotel Prime Presidency, Sri Ganganagar
Lal Maha Palace, Jaipur
Hotel Park Century, Hisar
Excellency Hotel, Bhubneshwar
Hotel B K Castles, Jabalpur
Bahia Resort, Bhatinda
Hotel Mandakini Royal, Kanpur
Hotel Venice, Pathankot
Ritz Plaza, Amritsar
House of MG, Ahmedabad
Florence Hotel, Raipur
Hotel Imperial Executive, Ludhiana
Hotel Yuvraj, Vadodra











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